Above from the wide open sky the sun shines ever so bright,

      Will It warm our world always or one day say a farewell.

          What If the wind that we can not see goes away,

    Will It again blow across the hills and make the trees sway.

       The glowing moon sits like a lighthouse In the sky,

     Watching, always watching but for how long will It rise.

  The rain falls from the sky, from the clouds that drift on by,

  Will the drops take from the Earth the thirst so as not to die.

    See the animals run through the woods and across the plains,

       Today they live somewhat free, tomorrow will they be.

    We live, we love, dance to the music, sing from our hearts,

      Search for the happiness that makes It all worth living.

       There are things that may be never, things never lost,

           Nothing lasts forever fore forever we are not.

         Keith Garrett

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