THEY WERE DIFFERENT

 He walked down the street full of laughter and fun,

 He was poor with no money but no worries had he.

 She was from a different world, of money and material 

 A young woman with everything but she had nothing.

 He was free with dreams that were possibly only dreams,

 What he wanted was only to be, what he wanted was she.

 She was art, dance, and culture passed on by a family,

 What she wanted was to be set free, treasure was not just money.

 He appeared as a man whose clothing meant he had no worth,

 But what is the worth of a well dressed man with no 

 They were different she and he, drawn together by feelings,

 The heart, the eyes, the touch of man to woman and woman to man.

 They were different but they were the same, walking hand in hand,

 With what's love and pain.

                                                                      Keith Garrett  

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