TO LIVE

 What is the meaning of life? 
 We do not know of god's plan,
 To live, we must seize the day, laugh, and play.

 Most are worried about surviving 
 From the clocks every tick,
 As if to really live has no time for us.
 when you awake do you see the light, the rising sun,

 Are you blinded by the struggles of your daily flight?

 To your ears is there the sound of birds 
 Chirping and singing,
 Or only the echo in your head of all that must be done.

 You need to stop and watch as the sun goes down,

A moment of peace before a regret that tomorrow
Has no plans for you.
 Learn to dance, listen to the music you forget to hear,

 Take a walk with the one you love 
 Until it's time to disappear.
 Slow down just a little and breathe the air,

 To live is to relax and enjoy,  
 To love and sometimes do nothing but see and dream.                               

 Take notice that as we grow older, 
 Time seems to move faster.

 The day will come when we must let it all go,

   Pray that God's plan has a place for you.

                                                                                        Keith Garrett  

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