BENEATH AN APPLE TREE

Fall has come to visit once again, watch the leaves 
Float down,

The air changes here in this place, this place of change 
Over years.

One thing that stands still here among change is an older
Apple tree,

What stories it would tell if only it could speak the 
Words of a man.

Beneath this old apple tree rests in a grave a man 
Who once lived,

Let's say his name was Ben, who was he, so many years 
Before he was.

Ben was a family man with a wife and children on a 
Small farm,

A good life as he along with his family did age just 
As the apple tree did,

Ben one day went away, the apple tree stayed, it has  
Aged until this day.

Beneath an apple tree lies the body, the remains of a man, 
A memory,

Watched over and time spent, always, a man and a tree 
Together they be.

                           Keith Garrett

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