You sit back on your throne and watch the world 
Spinning around,

You hear the angry sounds, words of hatred that shatter 
The grounds.

There Is screaming throughout the world, the winds are 
Fierce with power,

here Is energy In fear and sorrow that destroys what 
Is all around.

Flood waters rise high within storms that cause many 
Souls to die,

Why master do the angry seas wash away homes, why 
Must people cry?

The earth seems to be roaring like a lion, stomping like  
A giant with anger,

Could it possibly be you master, are you with much anger 
Over what man does?

Are tears from heaven so heavy that they wash away life  
And destroy land,

Will anyone ever learn before all has disappeared, acts  
Of nature or a sign?

There is rumbling everywhere with sounds of what In the  
World is wrong,

Master, you must be disappointed, perhaps not shocked 
As you know everything.

You saw this coming so why create such a masterpiece  
And watch it crumble,

One thing learned from disaster Is that people come  
Together but how much is enough?

Master, about this world that you command, you named  
One who did really understand.

                         Keith Garrett

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