A PAGE FROM YESTERDAY

Memories, a window to our past, pictures of special 
Friends we once knew, where are they now, somewhere.

There are those no longer among us, their story 
Is written,
A book closed, put away on a shelf but forever 
We thought as children that life was magic and wishes,

Teenagers having fun trying to figure out where we 
Were going.

We were fortunate to have been given such friends' 
Back in time,
Lucky If we are still blessed with their presence today.

We take a page from yesterday, off comes that book from 
Its place,
Remember that friend In our heart that never disappears, 
That face.

A voice that was once heard, a smile, now an echo, 
Forever a thought,
Well! today some of those faces, those voices, and a 
Smile remembered.
Are here to share a night, a memory and a page again 
Written, a book,
                  Keith Garrett  

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