ALONG A COUNTRY ROAD

                                                                         These things I might find strolling along a country 

                                                                        From my mind I can create a day or reality along my way.

                                                                    I see the sun rising in the early morning sky, my day 

                                                                 Dream do I of a perfect setting, fields and hills of 
Beautiful color.

                                                               Nothing can go wrong, not in this made up scene that 
I want to be,

Swim do I in a pond that appears along a country road,  
Quiet and alone alone.

                                                                 There is a wind blowing through the trees, across the 
field I feel,

Hay stacks scattered in a country dream, a farm where 
I wish to be.

Along a country road all possibilities unfold, from a   
Dream, All that can be seen.

       Keith Garrett

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