A WALK IN THE SNOW

 Come take a walk with me, yes! darling a walk in the 

 Hold my hand baby, walk with me as each other we'll 
 Get to know.

 I'm a little bit older as you are young, walk with me 
 In the Winter sun,

 Sweetheart, I know it is cold outside, that's why I give 
 My jacket to you.

 Reaching down for a snowball I make with my hands, 
 These cold hands,

 Throwing it at you in a playful manner as you stare 
 At me with shock.

 I'm laughing but you are bitter cold, pushing me down  
 With my face in the frosty snow,

 We stand underneath a snow covered tree, laughing 

 Push, push on the tree, watch as the heavy branches drop 
 The freezing, white, snow all over the both of us.
  A walk in the snow, a walk with you.

       Keith Garrett   

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