SIMPLE THINGS'

 Sitting on your couch just watching a show, me and you,

 Rubbing your feet and you rubbing mine, a simple time.

 Lying side by side In the dark of night, safe from 
 What's outside,

 Thoughts' of love shared between two, a smile from me,
 Tired is you.

 Off to bed, come on sleepy head, lights' out as we 
 disappear quietly,

 Window open as It's warm this night, crickets' that sing, 
 Hidden from sight.

 Given to each other the gift of  a night, love before  
 Slumber, Sleep darling, sleep,

 In the morning to the sunrise, cool In the light Is the 
 Breeze, Felt by I and she.

 A cup of coffee, hot as the taste welcomes us from sleepy 
 Eyes to a new day,

 Simple things' taken for granted, simple things'  
 Remembered From a bed, alone.

                             Keith Garrett  

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