THIS BOY FROM TUPELO

 From Mississippi, born quite some time ago,

 The name of Elvis, would be forever known.

 Gospel music, he could sing very well,

 Growing up In a town, where the poor would dwell.

 He loved his mother, to her a song he would sing,

 Noticed by a man named Sam, to a boy, fame this 
 Would bring.

 A mansion known as Graceland, now the home for he.

 Always nearby, on him an eye they keep,

 Called the Memphis Mafia, Is who they would be.

 A show he puts' on, In such places well known,

 All over the world, his legend has grown.

 When his time came, the Lord made his visit,

 Away Elvis went with him, to the music we still 
              You would have been 86 on this day.
     Keith Garrett                    

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