THE BALLAD OF A MAN

 The sun keeps going down, no ones ever around,

 No one talks to me no more, I see my body on the 

 The days and nights run into tomorrow, a little 
 Laughter, And some sorrow.

 Tears and crying in a world of pain, my mother went  
 Away Before spring was awake,

 My dad's been gone since I was a little boy,
 Laughter And Joy in between my sorrow.

 Songs that ring inside my head remind me of things 
 From Yesterday and friends,

 I started out a little boy, grew to a man who wonders 
 Where he's going.

 Brothers and sisters all over the place, I see their  
 Faces, Do they have the same names,

I travel my own road of life, three children I love  
 And an ex-wife I have never even liked,

This is a Ballad of a man who loved and cared, he did in  
 His life, all that he can.
                             Keith Garrett

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