"REMEMBER ME"
 With love from dad, Sean, Scott, Sarah

 I go outside to the things I'll see,
 A life of pain, not simple or free.

 I walk and wonder of what I'll be,
 If I get old as the sea.

 There was a time I was just a seed,
 I grew and grew to become me.

 The day will come when It's all done,
 I'll leave behind a daughter, a son, and a son.

 I will laugh, you'll hear no cry,
 There Is no time to sit and die.

 What will they think of, my children these three?
 That I love them all, one, two, three.

 I have a girl, a boy, and a boy,
 Every day they bring me joy.

 There was a time, I was all alone,
 No daughter or sons' to call my own.

 Each day you live remember me,
 I'll always love you, yes! you three.

 Look to the sun, the stars, and the moon,
 We shared all the Summer's, they started In June.

 When we take walks together to all kinds of places,
 In all sorts of weather, we see all the faces.

 We play at the park, you laugh at each other,
 I've been your father but also your mother.

 I've walked you to school year after year,
 And given a hug when you show a tear.

 Sometimes you don't like me, I make you mad,
 For the decisions I make, just call me dad.

 As you grow up, you will understand,
 I walked with you all and you all held my hand.

 We all start out small and grow to be tall,
 As children we believe In magic you see,
 Life wakes us up to reality.

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