"A STRANGER"

 Cobwebs and tumbleweeds, traces of life and 
 The past, 

 A forgotten road not so often traveled, not anymore.

 Where do they go, the ones we once knew and walked 

 More and more they become ghosts, faded faces from 

 Time slips away slowly, Into my tomorrow where my 
 Memories are found,

 Friends' are now strangers, strangers are now my 

 There once lived a woman whom I did not know, she 
 Lived her life without me,

 In her there was not a thought of me, for me she 
 Had no meaning.

 This stranger that I had not met would someday be the 
 Love A man could not forget,

 Like the wind forever blowing, she has drifted, a 
 Stranger I never knew.

 Where did you go,! where did you go,! A stranger I love, 
 A woman I'll never know.

                  Keith Garrett   

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