HE HAD A DREAM!

  He used to be, he walked as a man,
  Growing up as a child, harder than one could 
  Have imagined,

  With strength and courage he stood for the fight,
  So many against him as he marched for what's right.

  At times so scary to speak what you believe,
  Most just complain, oh! not he.

  It took a demon, the devil In disguise,
  To take from him what he told from Inside.

  He was once a boy but grew to become a man,
  To tell of his cause as he walked with the people hand, 
  In hand.

  His name was Martin Luther King,
  He was not forgotten because of an Ignorant mans'  
  Bullet Rind.

  He had a dream, he was a man, his dream Is alive.

                    Keith Garrett

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