A DARK ROAD

 Surrounded by trees, so old on either side, 
 A dark road far and wide,

 It is said that this road steals what and who passes 
 On by On a certain night.

 The sun never shines on this long and winding road 
 That creates many cries,

 Within the trees, beyond the road that rests in 
 Darkness, Sleeps a mystery.

 A quiet morning drive across the country seems peaceful, 
 But something waits,

 A dark road exists, as all around it something wakes 
 And waits for total darkness.

 Beautiful hills and mountains have been here for so 
 Long, But there's a new resident here,

 An evil force, could this be a monster that's never  
 Seen, A dark road where dreams are taken away.        

                      Keith Garrett

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