HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM

  February twenty second, a day so long ago, nineteen 
  Thirty nine,

 A little girl born to the world, Hello there! Barbara  
 Jean Cordischi.

 What a year!  The Yankees won the world series, 
 Gone with the wind,

 The Wizard of Oz was something special, so were you, 

 World war two was coming, life was just starting for you.

 In the forties you ran and played, chased butterflies
 In the sun,

 The fifties, you grew to a teen, rock n' roll and Elvis
 Were in.

 For you the sixties were of marriage and children,
 A touch older.

 So many changes in the seventies, a different place, 
 You were Mom.

 The years went by, decades watched us grow, that 
 Little girl was chasing you,

 You had a life and now life has said goodbye, the 
 Days are without your face.

 We remember you always, Mom, we love and miss 
 You every day.

               Happy birthday, Mom,

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