BORN, DIE, FORGOTTEN

 It is an amazing thing to be born, a gift of life,

 Mind and heart together tell a life's tale.

 Created we are by another two we learn to love,

 We grow to be men and women, childhood a memory.

 As we age, sickness, injury, maybe an accident 
 Will take us,

 Guaranteed, something will end our time in this 
 crazy place.

 What bothers me is that eventually we will be 

 There will at some moment be no one who thinks of 
 or remembers me.

                  Keith Garrett

4 thoughts on “BORN, DIE, FORGOTTEN

  1. Maybe, nobody will remember your name, but what you do in your lifetime will surely, last on, the differences we made in this world will keep on getting passed into eternity, and even if eventually people forget who we were, we are still, exerting that difference in the world.

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