GLORY OF HEAVEN

 Lord, thank you for this life, the gift you 
 Have given,

 I picture you on your beautiful throne, watching 
 What has been.

 There Is much beauty created throughout this 
 Mysterious world,

 You are God, creator of everything and all that  
 We dream, See me, Lord.

 I think of you as I hope for life to continue on as 
 I am not finished yet,

 Thankful to have seen this land which you have 
 Dreamed In only days.

 Such a masterpiece with time limited as the glory of 
 Heaven forever to be,

 Landscapes of perfection never ending, hills of green 
 Grass blowing in the wind,

 Blue skies and nature live for eternity, The glory of 
 Heaven Exists not only in our minds.
                             Keith Garrett

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