I REMEMBER,
                      KEITH GARRETT

 So many sunrises, so many sunsets ago, I remember,

 A place not forgotten, seemed like magical moments.

 A town lost in time but never in this man's mind,

 A friend with a name that's been spoken from 

 Where did you go when the sunset young man,

 Forever have you disappeared from me, where are you.

 I remember when we walked the streets of Yorba,

 We were free as two boys could be, Summer's of 

 Treasured are for me those wonderful days 
 In the sun,

 Skateboards and less troubled times for boys 
 That could run.

 A moment never drifts by that I don't recall my friend 
 Known by me,

 Marty was your name, pictures of you remain locked

 Something not finished, regrets and memories of
 Less painful days,

 I know of your loss fore i have lost too, take a walk 
 Back in time, dear friend.

 I live each day in a place that knows my name, home 
 Is far away,

 A wish to stand before you and say thank you for 
 A day in the sun with a friend.

 I remember, my friend from Yorba Linda.
                                                                                                   Keith Garrett  

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