MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

 I've drifted across the open sea, I wait for 
 You to find me,

 In a bottle I have been placed, a message 
 That I am alive.

 You are no longer there anymore but I let you 
 Know I exist,

 A thought of what you meant to me, a thought of 
 What I once meant.

 If my message gets to you, yet then again how 
 Can this possibly be,

 You are a memory from yesterday, I am a thought 
 That sails the sea.

 Time does not stop, It has no sympathy, it makes 
 What is what was,

 Life and all that's within it is reduced to memories, 
 Things of yesterday.

 Message in a bottle is what I am, If you find me 
 Take me for what I am,

 You are forever now, I am something that will 
 One day fade away.

                                  Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

  1. Sometimes, even when we know, that these, recipients of the messages we sent are gone, we still, send the messages out, and, it’s, more for our own, sakes, than, theirs, because sometimes, that is, the only way we have, of, finding that, closure we, desperately, needed, in order to, get on, with our, lives…

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