UNDER THE STARS'

 We made camp as the sun went down, darkness now,

 A fire burns, the glow upon your face projects 
 An Image of beauty.

 There's a cool breeze blowing across the land, 
 Through the trees,

 Rest do we beneath the full moon of color, 
 You and I tonight.

 The crackling wood has a tune of Its' own, giving 
 Off a shining light,

 So quiet and peaceful, sharing this land under 
 The stars of life.

 See me, see this man of hope and dreams by a
 Fire next to you,

 Stand up and take my hand, around this warmth, 
 Dance with a smile.

 A vision of what may be, alone out here next to 
 You with a dream,

 Love Is not promised, love makes a path of maybes, 
 Under the stars.

                Keith Garrett

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