I'M JUST A POOR BOY

 No car do I own, socks' full of holes, day by day 
 An hourly wage,

 I lie there In bed worrying about tomorrow, 
 A bed of my own.

 No credit cards' or a bank account, my only money 
 In an aging wallet,

 A table of food always, dinner as a poor boy 
 Will gladly serve.

 Clothes on my back, shoes that take me to 
 Where I survive,

 Blesses of many In a world of sorrow and strife.

 I'm just a poor boy with a smile and a tear, 
 A wish and a fear,

  What I lack In gold Is made up of treasure 
  Discovered every day.

 I'll take a trip somewhere from my mind, to a 
 place of fantasy,

 A rich man can't find, where a poor boy can't buy.

 I'm just a poor boy with so much to give, I give
 To you,

 I'm just a poor boy, what's a poor boy to do.

             Keith Garrett 

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