As he sat down in his rocking chair he began 
 to speak,

 With a smile, he invited me to sit and went 
 About his story.

 His life as a child, at the beginning of a war 
 For Independence,

 On a farm in South Carolina, he lived with a 
 Father, Brothers, Sisters.

 He went on to tell of adventures in the Summer, 
 Just before it happened,

 A big house, great times with family, working the 
 Farm each day was tiring.

 He must have been about ninety years old now, the war 
 And those days long gone,

 A childhood recalled, swimming in the pond with 
 A friend or two, The night's moon.

 He told me of this war being all around them, nothing  
 Would be the same, Much change,

 Tears in his eyes as he described that time and place 
 Where brothers and family died.

 He sits in his chair today, many years away 
 From there, He lives in that house today,

 He sits in his chair on that porch where as 
 A child he played, He told me of his life.
                   Keith Garrett

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