A small, mischievous Elf, dressed in green attire,

 Belts of black, boots perhaps of the same color.

 From Irish Folklore, It has been said they have been

 Seen roaming the Irish countryside, these wee folk.

 Members of a clan, they invaded Ireland, banished to 
 Live underground,

 Standing only two to three feet tall, these devious

 Quick witted, intelligent, they evade capture from 

 They live in underground caves with entrances or a 
 Hollow trunk of a fairy tree.

 It is said that wishes of three have been granted 
 To some who leave them be,

 They are known for their love of Irish music and dance, 
 Instruments played.

 Tin Whistle, the fiddle, Bodhran, and the Irish harp, 
 A look with beards and pipes,

 Shoemakers they are, believed because of all 
 The dance they do.

 To catch one of the wee folk is nearly impossible as 
 They are smart with magical powers,

 Vanish into thin air they can, a pot of gold 
 Is a most possible dream.

 You'll hear an Irish Leprechaun before 
 You'll ever see one,

 They have a fondness for drinking Irish Poitin, 
 Catch one if you can.

                  Happy ST. Patricks Day,

                      Keith Garrett

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