IN MY DREAMS

 Asleep in the night, I was talking on the phone,

 My conversation switched from brother, voice 
 Of mother,

 In my dreams that familiar cough heard as she 
 Did speak.

 Angry was her tone, just a blur as a dream is 
 Only a dream,

 A computer disguised as a television, appears 
 As a game.

 Pieces surround like a chemistry lab, my mother 
 On the screen,

 In my dreams she is as a professor with bright, 
 White hair.

 A mystery it is about dreams and what they may 
 Tell you,

 In my dreams she may exist from time to time, in 
 My mind.

 The reality of it all is that mom has gone away, 
 She did not stay,

 We hold her in our hearts and pray for her 
 in a heavenly place.
                        Keith Garrett

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