HOME YOU GO

 Close your eyes and open your mind,

 Take a trip, home you go back to the snow.

 You were only a child, a young boy back then,

 Not so long ago to remember again.

 Woods of trees, Christmas times that can never again be,

 Icicles hanging from the roof tops, snowmen at your feet.

 Watch as it falls, snowballs made from the ground,

 Grapes hanging on vines, friends back in time.

 From thoughts you'll see the house where you once lived,

 See it from so long ago, life was beautiful,

 Leave it there, any pain or sorrow, bury it deep 
 In the snow.
 It lives in your mind, let the sadness go,

 Remember a place called Amesbury, for an uncle named Joe.

                  Keith Garrett   

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