I stand not on the ground but from where I am 
 I can not stand,

 From so far In the sky, I fly, fly without wings' 
 Within the clouds.

 There's no feeling above me as below, no solid 
 Ground to touch,

 Living things' of few roam this land, large as It 
 Seems never ending.

 Down, down so fast but a feeling of weightlessness 
 As if a feather,

 Falling, falling from where I flew, where once this 
 Man stood.

 Closer and closer I can with my eyes see life waiting 
 For me,

 Back to where I once stood, down from where I once stood.

 For only minutes but what seems like forever a dream,

 Floating, merely floating down, back to my reality.

                         Keith Garrett 

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