RUST FROM TIME

 Sometimes to recall childhood days are lost with 
 What life takes away,

 A bicycle of color sits for years until its age is 
 Seen through cobwebs so clear.

 A shed or a box of stored away and at times forgotten 
 Treasures are again a thought,

 Going back to a place where once we stood on sidewalks  
 Of ghosts, Friends we knew.

 Trees grow taller, houses rest where inside we once knew 
 Those with faces and names,

 Hills where we wandered have disappeared  with this 
 Changing world.

 Nothing seems to stay the same, faces fade, children 
 we knew all go away,

 There are those times when I can just stand there and 
 Somewhere in the wind.

 When the night is quiet, there's a fragrance in the air, 
 That feeling of that yesterday,

 Like a cloud or veil as the seasons change and we all go 
 Our separate ways.

 Thoughts change, some memories drift with passing winds.

 Rust from time, if so blessed then may we all play the 
 Memories in our minds,

 For just a little while longer.

                      Keith Garrett

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