MY FATHER,
                  LEON RUSSELL GARRETT,
                 EIGHTY NINE YOU WOULD BE
 April 11, 1932, you had a life and a family as a 

 A father, brothers of two, Alice and Barbara, all 
 Of you.

 How it must have been back in those days of childish 

 Running within the trees, simple games with friends 
 Of the day.

 A boy scout, what were your thoughts and dreams of 

 High school and girls, when the fifties began, already 
 The Korean war.

 You were such a young man, writing your thoughts upon
 A ship,

 From out of Virginia, the Newport News and across 
 The ocean.

 You had a life, a wife, and children, your spirit 
 Wanders Beyond this Earth,

 Today you would be eighty nine years, Happy birthday! Dad, 
 Forever missed.
          Keith Garrett

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