THIS NAMELESS FACE

                        OF BEAUTY

 She has a smile of soft Innocence, she reads, sits' 
 Does she,

 Hair so light that It hides In the shade, what do her 
 Eyes say?

 A voice I hear each morning as Its' sound Is of a 
 Beautiful song,

 This beauty goes by a name of mystery to a stranger, 
 A face she sees.

 Sometimes by herself, alone dreams' of wishes known 
 Only to her,

 Together with a friend, laughing about moments' In life, 

 This nameless face of beauty rests' In a chair but so 
 Much Living ahead,

 From the past there were faces, expressions' like the ones' 
 She possesses.

 I am a man of many thoughts', tell me your story and I 
 Will hear you.

                        Keith Garrett

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