TREASURES OF THE LORD

 Into the darkness I stepped, wandering down a road,

 Left behind the trust and care for those who hurt 
 My soul.
 Alone I've stood on a hill so high, at the edge of 
 The mountain,
 There was nothing for me to see, blinded by what Is 
 Is this place I am a creation of my own anger and 
 Does darkness fade as the sun appears again for a 
 Blind man.
 I've opened these eyes and learned to see his 
 The hills that are alive, rest beneath God's wide 
 Open sky.
 The wind that sings as It blows through the ever so high 
 Rain that falls below Is a gift to us so that we may 
 Watch Life grow.
 From the sea to all that we need to be Is for us 
 Because he,
 Only he had a thought, the power to Imagine that which 
 We see.
 Treasures of the lord were placed down upon from heaven,

 Only the greed of a man has stolen that which to him
 Belongs not.
 Every time I open my eyes the treasures of the lord are 
 These are a gift, a reality that even the blind may see.

                   Keith Garrett

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