MY LIFELONG PAIN

 I'm better off than some and worse than others,

 There are those who start out with not much of a 

 Then there are others with not a chance at all, 
 They fall,

 From my time as a child I had scrapes and bruises, 
 I survived.

 Born healthy enough except a rare problem with an eye.

 Fell on my face and one day broke my teeth, better than 
 Cancer I believe,

 When I was a teen the brain surgeries began when at  
 School I fell on my head.

 Broken bones, emotional scars that can never go away, 
 Pain of the day,

 I am still alive! I have survived all sicknesses that 
 Have attacked my being inside.

 As time has gone by a massive heart attack has visited 
 My life,

 What waits for us each day is not known as we roam our 
 Earthly home.

 My time here has not been worse or better than so many 
 Who I have met,

 How amazing it is that we make it through each day and 
 Live Beyond being young.

 The odds are against us all as we dodge many bullets  
 Taking Many unknown roads,

 My lifelong pain carries scars, dreams that haunt and  
 Remind Me of past life.

                          Keith Garrett

4 thoughts on “MY LIFELONG PAIN

  1. So many painful things underscore the fragility of life, but remind us how much we have to be grateful for. This poem made be reflect on the pains and pleasures and I appreciate that. Very important post for me. (on a side note, my heart goes out to you, but you create something wonderful or important every day!)

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