MOTHER, YOU ARE THERE

 I saw the sunrise, in the morning, you are there,

 The sun sets each late afternoon, you are in the air.

 The wind wanders through the trees, I can see,

 When the wind blows, you are here with me.

 The light fades into the dark of night, you are in 

 Every night you drift into the future, somewhere.

 As the seasons change all things change, you are the

 Mother, you are there, beyond the stars, you had a name.

 As the days go by, through many remembered songs,

 Flashes of your life fill my head, a life still not long 

 Mother, you are there, when pain rests in my heart, 

 When the world is a scary place, I can see your face.

            Happy Mother's Day

             Your son, Keith

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