MOTHER'S DAY 

                       Little girls become one day, moms, mothers become grandmothers and so on,

     The special thing about a mother is they do a thing a father can't do, they experience child birth.

                     Not to say a father doesn't in some way but from the outside, today it's moms day,

                      For all the things you do with patience that at times a father does not wish to do.

                    It works both ways, that's why as a team things can work out smoothly sometimes,

              Not all is cozy and warm, this isn't a fifties show, a fantasy wished for does not come true.

                        Today we honor you the mother, a salute to you for those special things you do,

                       Taking time to know your children, being there through the tears and laughter.

                Doing your best and loving your family even when at times they show no appreciation,

                         Remember, when your feeling not loved or taken for granted, let it be known, 

                    Sometimes  you just need to scream, sure they should understand, child and man.

               For all the Saturday little league, the sleepovers, the guys are coming over for the game,

                     Of course you'll help out by preparing snacks and maybe cleaning up if they can't.

                  Here's hoping your family lets you do something for yourself or they might do for you,

                           Enjoy your day as tomorrow there will surely be lots to do as life continues.

          Happy mother's day,
                                                    Keith Garrett

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