"WITHOUT ME"

 You go home alone, pull Into the driveway 
 And stare,
 The house Is there and the dog Is barking, 
 Calling your name.
 The cat says hello as the evening sun drops 
 Behind the clouds,
 Windy Is the theme as Winter slowly drifts off
 Into sleep.
 Spring dreams all that Is possible, from their 
 Slumber they see,
 Rise up friends' of nature and listen to the sounds
 That are life.
 Through many windows are scenes of the past and 
 The present,
 Do you see me In one of those glass shaped memories, 
 Do you?
 Once wood taken and placed Into a brick layered dream 
 Of warmth,
 Dinner cooking on the stove as we watched the night 
 Those you love rotate In a circle In and out of your 
 They come running, they always come running back to you.

 Shadows appear everywhere, on your walls, memories 
 of days,
 Walk around the pool, sit In a chair do I and wonder 
 Who I am.
 Not a secret by any means, a truth of love for 
 Another's heart,
 Where did you go, why did you fly away so high, 
 Without me?
 I was given a smile, your touch upon my skin, your 
 We felt each other, flesh to flesh from the outside In,
 Without you Is me, without you Is beauty not seen, 
 Without you,
 Without me Is you.

                                                                                       Keith Garrett 

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