WHEN YOU'RE ALONE

 From your window at home, In the night sky 
 Do you see,

 The stars that shine bright from heaven down 
 To thee.

 Do you Imagine life In a beautiful place, can 
 You see,

 Can you hear what's awake, creatures of the night?

 Do memories fill your pretty head with what Is 
 Now gone,

 A ghost walks your home from here until dawn.

 When you're working In your garden do you look around,

 Do you remember me when I once walked the grounds.

 Is there a song or a thought that sits In that heart,

 When you're alone do you ever think of me, do you feel.

 When you're alone then I am there, listen for my voice,

 When you're alone, I am everywhere.

                                                                                          Keith Garrett

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