MEMORIAL DAY

 When we think of Memorial day, what is it to us,

 Is it the looked forward to barbecues with friends.

 Maybe the beach and lying in the sun,

 Going to the park with our children, relaxing.

 Is it watching movies, drinking cold beer for the day,

 Going away camping, forgetting the troubles in our way.

 My father traveled the oceans, sailed the seven seas,

 A navy man in the Korean war, his journal tells me

 Of all the places, lands where he would be.

 I hold in my possession the poetry he wrote on a ship 
 In a time of war,

 The things I have to remember him by are not just 
 In a wooden box, they are stored in my heart.

 When the sound of planes, jets, or what flies on 
 Memorial Day,

 Listen carefully, for the ones you love, miss, or lost, 
 Think of them today.

 For those who are lost, missing, who gave their lives 
 For what they believed,

 Pray for all of them, the thousands of  family members 
 Who rest together.

                            IN HEAVEN
                                                                                                           Keith Garrett

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