A GAMBLER

 Spin the wheel, maybe a roll of the dice,

 A bad hand at cards, so it's said, you'll lose 
 Your shirt.

 Bet on a game, football, basketball, baseball,
 It's all the same,

 Your wallet is empty, credit cards are Okay.

 Horses are great, this time you feel lucky inside,

 At the finish line, a house could be on the line.

 Deal in drugs, surely a gambler you'll be,

 If it's not the law, a dead man you might be.

 A car thief is a risk, money at your feet,

 End up in prison, oh! what a life you lead.

 Ask of a loan shark, a favor please,

 Put up your life, no friend indeed.

 A gambler, a gambler, in each one of us may be,

 What risks do you take for all that you need.

                       Keith Garrett 

3 thoughts on “A GAMBLER

  1. The first time we lost in a bet, we believe, that we will, get it back the next time we place another bet, and, we may win, from time to time, but, we always, end up, losing more than we could, ever, win, and, we are, stuck, in this, vicious, cycle, with, no way, out!

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