Does it still exist, is it real, remember 
 A time when,

 From so long ago when you learned to trust a man.

 A handshake and your word was good enough for 
 The day,

 Times changed and a lot of  that got lost with a 
 Changing world.

 We became less of neighbors, keeping to ourselves, 
 Doors locked,

 Now it seems that a handshake comes after a signed piece
 Of paper.

 Has its meaning become less, a firm handshake back in 
 Time was the best,

 And your word, what is the worth of your word as you 
 Promise away.

 We trust less now just as it must be fore if we trust 
 We may get burned,

 Make sure there is a witness to a handshake and your 
 Word, Be weary.

                       Keith Garrett

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