JERRY WEST

                     MR. CLUTCH

 Nineteen thirty eight, born to a family, this  
 West Virginia boy,

 Jerry West would one day be one of the greatest ever.

 His father was a coal mine worker, abuse and pain,

 A shotgun under his bed, in fear that he may be hurt 

 East bank  high school, West Virginia university, 
 Zeke from Cabin Creek,

 Nicknamed Mr. Clutch, famous buzzer beating, sixty 
 Foot shot,

 Game three of the nineteen seventy NBA finals against 
 The Knicks.

 Fourteen straight all star appearances for this great 
 Lakers star,

 The NBA logo, his silhouette, "Mr. outside" his great 
 Perimeter play.

 Purple gold uniform worn by a man, down the floor, 
 Game after game,

 A nineteen seventy two thirty three game win streak 
 And a ring,

 Many records set from college to the pros, a hall of  
 Fame player, Jerry West.
       Keith Garrett

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