At one time or another everything was nothing,

 One day in time nothing would and will turn to 

 Nothing is a word used in many ways, decay into 

 " You are nothing" can be a lifetime emotional scar 
 That haunts.

 What are you doing? a friend or child may respond 
 With nothing!

 I did nothing today, you must have done something, 
 Nothing can not be done.

 Nothing can be so lonely, as it can not be seen, it 
 Does not have any dreams,

 " I have nothing to live for" listen close, as we all 
 Have the greatest things to live for.

 I was nothing until I met you, I was more than I thought 
 Before it was me and you,

 Nothing is only a word, it is a sound that many a soul 
 Have heard with a word.
                                Keith Garrett

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