O.K CORRAL

More than one hundred years ago In a town 
Of the west,

Cochise County Arizona, Tombstone was the place.

There took place a gunfight at the legendary O.K. 

Considered the most famous gunfight in the history 
Of the old west.

In the street, possibly a cool, breezy, fall day,  
Three P.M., An end,

Took place did it in a narrow lot six doors west of rear 
Entrance to O. K. Corral.

A thirty second gunfight would be most tragic, a 
Famous story,

Fremont street, the O.K. Corral, Wyatt Earp, Doc
Holliday, Virgil, and Morgan Earp.

A fight with the Clanton's and Mclaury's on October  
Twenty sixth, Wednesday,

Men died, Billy Clanton, Tom Mclaury, and brother frank 
Lost their lives.

Morgan and Virgil Earp along with Doc Holliday were 
Lucky to be only wounded,

Thirty shots fired, they were about six feet apart, 
Men did die,

Wyatt Earp was the only one to escape unhurt, a long time 
Ago in the old west.
                      Keith Garrett

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