I AM SEVEN

 I chase butterflies and try to get moths from vines,

 Model airplanes are a hobby done with my dad,

 A vegetable garden out back, chasing the Ice cream man.

 Coloring books and cartoons on a Saturday morning 
 Is fine,

 A favorite cereal, lucky charms, and Frostio's a 
 Pop tart in my mind.
 Watching the Little Rascals, the three stooges, other 
 Favorite shows,

 Toaster pizzas and a glass of milk on a T.V. tray on a 
 Late summer day.

 Riding my bike, through sprinklers we ran in the sun, 
 A day for fun,

 I am seven as I would someday remember, walking in the 
 Breeze, climbing trees.

 I go to school, walk as I dream, I am a child of nineteen 
 Sixty nine, I am me,

 I run and play at recess with special friends who I will 
 Soon never see again.

 My world is different when I am seven, no worries of the 
 Future, Only a child's day,

 There is a magical side  to my life today, what will I 
 Remember of my time in a place?
                          Keith Garrett

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