A TRIP TO ANYWHERE

 I'm searching for loose change, standing
 By the car wash,
 I'm happy just waiting for a ride.

 Here it comes, sir! does the bus stop at 
 82nd street,
 My pink Cadillac is a stolen car, I just 
 Gave it a name.
 This hard land does not make me a lucky man,

 My wife and I were once the honeymooners, now 
 Trouble in paradise.
 So young and in love, we were two for the road,

 The wish I have is to be back in your arms.

 Don't look back says a man with sad eyes,

 I used to be a man at the top, now I have 
 Restless nights.
 The bus stops here where I rendezvous with her,

 Give the girl a kiss and stare over the rise 
 Of the sun.
 We go to a place and watch a T.V. movie,

 I'm always here when you need me "she says"

 We watched seven angels, It started to rain,

 There was a great thunder crack.

 Some of us have hearts of stone, not us,

 Bring on the night, when the lights go out, 
 So peaceful, shut out the lights.

                      Keith Garrett

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