WILL YOU LOSE YOUR FAITH?

 Life does not always go as we plan,

 Through lessons of hardship we wonder if God is mad.

 A loved one, a friend may be stricken with illness,

 Death may come to one you love, suddenly without warning.
 You yourself just might become blind, without legs,

 Suddenly just as the clock ticks life is altered.

 Will you lose your faith, will you be angry with God,

 Will you ask why this has been brought to my life not 
 Someone else.
 You would not wish pain and suffering for another,

 Although you may feel sorry for yourself it happens to 
 Others every day.
 You may lose your sight, a brother or sister may lose 
 Their life,
 As the world turns, as the sun rises and sets, we all 
 Grow a day older.
 Will you lose your faith, will you thank the lord for 
 The life he gave you,
 Will you be grateful for just being here today.

                          Keith Garrett

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