WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE

 Men are In charge of our world, Ignorance in suits,

 Like children they bicker, should be sent to their rooms,

 Bigger than a child who forgets to get a chore done.

 Could a child do a better job, evil they would not 

 Those who control power are playing with our lives.

 When worlds collide we fight over territory, who with 
 Bigger muscles,

 This be a dangerous situation as strength is a bad 

 God made this world, when did we decide that we were more 

 With our childish minds we will destroy what has been 
 Created without care.

 Men stand with differences, agendas more important than 
 The end of the world,

 What we want more than money or fame, we want it all, 
 Destruction is coming to us all.

                                  Keith Garrett

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