DRINK FROM THE FOUNTAIN

 Fact or a fantasy, like the wishing, neverending 
 Thought that we can

 Climb up and follow that mysterious rainbow to a 
 Magical land.

 A four leaf clover, that search for the little green 
 Grass of hope,

 Wish upon a star, will It get you far, blow out the 

 Did you get that which you closed your eyes for.

 Drink from the fountain, first you must search the 

 Reality or a myth, could this be true, did God place 
 Upon this earth

 The fountain of life, Is It possible somewhere hidden 
 Contains a fountain so true?

 How can this be a possibility fore It Is said that all 
 Will someday die,

 If so true then God put It In a place where no man would 
 Ever venture to.

                                        Keith Garrett

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