FACES IN THE WATER

 By myself as I am sitting beneath the warm, 
 Rising sun,

 There exists a slight, cool, morning breeze around me.

 Watch I do as the tall, dancing, trees stand high above,

 Rays from the sun shine through the branches of leaves.

 What surrounds me this day is taken for granted beauty,

 The quiet is an always wanted gift that will never go 

 The calm pond water rests around me while I think 
 And dream,

 When I look down to find my reflection I see not me 
 But that of other days.

 My thoughts take me to yesterday, far, far, away as 
 if it were today,

 The water is quite still now like clear, shiny, glass, 
 I drift off like a dream.

 Faces in the water, clearly I can see with memories, 
 Faces in the water,

 Days of old, friends scattered with time are seen 
 Floating in the sun.
                            Keith Garrett

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