ALL IN A DREAM

 They call me old Dan tucker, jack of all trades,

 There's a lot of love of the common people, we are 
 I didn't see the light of day for a while as I was 
 Shackled and drawn,
 This depression was getting to me as each day was a 
 Lonesome day.
 Life itself is a blessing but I need something to 
 Lift me up,
 My family is missing and my hometown burned to the 
 I told my wife just recently O' Mary don't you weep,

 We shall overcome, we'll find our paradise.

 With a wizards magic we left this horrible Kingdom 
 Of days,
 We wouldn't be the last to die as we were sent through 
 Time into the future.
 We found our lucky town, now my Oklahoma home,

 I'm going down to a place called the pony boy that's 
 Open all night.
 It'll be a long walk home but i'm on fire with energy,

 With this little light of mine I walked in the dark.

 I went in places to drink, one called i'm a rocker,

 Jacob's ladder, and ramrod.

 I met someone who said she was the queen of the 
 Strange as it was all in a dream.

    Keith Garrett

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