BARBARA JEAN

 You were standing by your mamma, you were just 
 A little girl,

 Backwards' the wind takes my thoughts' Into what 
 You as a small

 Child could be, a little girl named Barbara Jean.

 In you lives, still this dreaming young spirit that 
 Flew forward,

 The wind and time has carried you, such a wonderful

 Here to where you still wander and dream, you! 
 Barbara Jean.

 You are just days' older, every day one day older 
 Than yesterday,

 Stand you still do as always your mamma watches 
 over you.

 Not there was I for each of your childish birthdays,
 Mo not yet,

 Fore all the ones' you would celebrate would bring us 
 Together sooner.

 I believe In my wishes and dreams' that you are younger 
 Than yesterday,

 With much love from a son who says' thank you to a girl 
 Named Barbara Jean.

                               Keith Garrett

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